Tues Shootaround: Woodson

Mike Woodson spoke to the media following Tuesday morning's shootaround in Indiana as the team prepares to face the Pacers at 7PM:

On Lin: "I told him to think positive. And do his rehab- that's important."

On Amar'e: "He's getting treatment now. He'll be with us at the game tonight, sitting on the bench. If he comes back and tells me he's ready to play then I'm going to get him back on the floor. He's day-to-day, he's getting his treatment. The fact that he wants to be around the team going through this process says a lot."

"Jeffries won't play tonight. I don't know when that's going to happen. I have to worry about the guys in uniform and get those guys ready to play."

"It will be the same 8 tonight."