Woodson: ATL 100 NY 90

Mike Woodson discusses what he feels contributed to Friday's loss and his thoughts for Saturday night's game back in New York against the Cavs:

"We dug a hole and we kept grinding, then we couldn't make free throws. Then they got the spurt they needed to finish the game. We were sluggish tonight. We didn't have the pep that we had at The Garden the other night."

"On the road you have to do all of the little things to win on the road and we didn't do that tonight...These are things that are correctable."

"We just have to go home and prepare ourselves for Cleveland and put ourselves back into position."

"The effort just wasn't there like I saw it the other night and we have to get back to that."

"I thought [Melo] was great but we need J.R. to make shots...we have to get Tyson more involved."

"I watched Baron and he was struggling a little bit. As a coach I have to carefully look at that. I have to start thinking about Toney Douglas and Bibby a little bit more."