Woodson: NY 108 ORL 86

Mike Woodson on the Knicks' blowout win against the Magic:

On Iman Shumpert: "He was phenomenal. On both ends of the floor. He changes the game from a defensive standpoint. It didn't hurt him today that he had his jump shot going and was scoring the ball."

On small lineup: "We'll stay with that for awhile. I gotta tinker with the lineup, maybe put Josh in and put Melo back at the 3 but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Our bench came in and cracked the game open in the second quarter. They made shots, Novak made shots, and our defense just didn't give. We've been in that mode the last 8,9 games. Our defense is holding true for 49 minutes."

On Carmelo: "I thought it went well. I was monitoring Baron along with Carmelo. I can't afford to lose anyone at this point with so many guys being banged up. I feel confident and sure of our bench that they can come in and get the job done. I just have to get Josh in better shape."

"We can't just rely on Tyson. It's important that we rebound. I'm always interested who's going to step up. We're trying to play for something."

"It's a big time win for our ball club. We just have to take it one game at a time."