Wednesday Shootaround

Mike Woodson spoke to the media at Wednesday's shootaround as the team prepares to take on the Magic:

"Amar'e and Jeremy are out, Jared Jeffries is out and Billy Walker is out. We're a little shorthanded. But the guys that are dressing I have to continue to get them to play at a high level. We're still in the playoff fight."

"From a coaching standopoint i like to see who is going to step up and play. I thought the other night everybody responded. This is a different team we're playing, they're sitting at the top and we have to deal with the big man in the middle. We'll be tested tonight."

"Carmelo will play."

On Lin: "He's doing fine. He could be day-to-day. How long that is I have no idea."

"The only message is that we gotta win. That's the only message that I'm selling. Can we still win? Absolutely. Regardless if we're shorthanded we have enough guys on the bench that I think can get the job done."

"The other night Carmelo happened to be the guy that made the plays and had a big night and we were able to win. Our defense was the key factor in us winning. "

"I have to figure out how to play 3 guards."