Woodson: NY 89 MIL 80

Mike Woodson on Monday's win against the Bucks and moving forward without Amar'e as part of the lineup:

"The second half was tremendous defensively. We just kept grinding and grinding. Then JR hit a big three and the rook hit a big 3 to really give us the cushion to get over the hump."

"You're talking about 17, 18 points that's missing and 8 rebounds when you look at Amar'e. Guys that are coming off of the bench have to step up and make up the difference."

"Offensively I'm not worried about it. The system's in place. If we continue to be unselfish offensively we'll make shots. But defensively we have to be there every night. I thought they answered big time tonight."

"There are going to be nights when we score big numbers. But having Amar'e out, I don’t want guys to feel like they can't step in and make offensive plays but what has got to be a given is defense."

On Dunleavy: "I was livid. We didn't communicate the switches in time. Guys didn't know who was guarding who and that shouldn't be. But we corrected it in the third quarter and was able to secure the win."

On Carmelo: "It was big time for our ball club. You're missing 4 guys and he reached down tonight to do what he had to do to get the job done and that's big."