Woodson: NY 82 PHI 79

Mike Woodson after the Knicks pull out their fifth straight win against the Sixers:

They just kept grinding. It was one of those games where no one wanted to give. Our defense was solid throughout the whole game and we just didn't bend.

We went to him a few times on the block. He was real solid. The beauty about this game for our team is that they keep grinding. - On Amar'e

From a coaching standpoint, I was sweating. But I've learned that our guys are not going to buckle. I honestly believe that they think they can win every game now when they step out on the floor. I have to keep pushing them to play at a high level.

I put the ball back in his hands and he came up with the big play. He got to the free throw line and you can't just rely on guys shooting jump shots. - On Jeremy Lin

If we continue to play at the pace we're playing we've got a legitimate shot to move up.