Knicks Postgame: NY 99 UTA 88

Jeremy Lin posted a career-high 28 points, Steve Novak recorded 19 points, and Tyson Chandler added 10 points, 7 rebounds. Watch as they discuss Monday night's win against Utah.

"Basketball is fun when you play on a team that wants to work together, work through tough times and have victories like this one. This win was ugly we made plays. This team has will." - Jeremy Lin

"We were undermanned but everybody fought. We held our ground. We were fast, we switched, we trapped. We stepped up to the challenge." - Tyson Chandler

"It wasn't the starters out there but it was definitely guys that are aware that this is the NBA, where on any given night any five can beat any five." - Steve Novak

"Coach and I have a great relationship, that's why I'm diving for balls and drawing the charges because he's the best coach in the NBA, he's a great players coach and you see that with Jeremy (Lin) and he gets the best out of his players." - Jared Jeffries