Injury Update: Carmelo Anthony

Jonah Ballow


For an elite athlete, the hardest thing to accept at times is the harsh reality that your body needs rest when dealing with injuries. On Friday morning in Miami, the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony decided the best option is to provide some healing time with two more road games left on the trip.

“We talked about it after the game in Cleveland,” Anthony explained. “Yesterday on the day off, it was a lot of going back and forth. At the end of the day, I have to be smart and I was trying to be a superhero, trying to prove to my teammates that I can play hurt and hide it. At the end of the day, me doing that, it wasn’t really doing anything but hurting the team. “

Anthony attempted to ignore the myriad of injuries, including a sprained thumb, left wrist, and right ankle. The long-term plan trumped the immediate future, which is a difficult decision for a New York team that has already seen Amar’e Stoudemire miss games, rookie Iman Shumpert suffer through cramps, and most recently Josh Harrellson undergo surgery for a fractured wrist.

The Knicks All-Star describes the thought process as he moves from the court to the sidelines, “Me not being able to do things that I’m normally able to do when I’m healthy – me being limited out there on the court, it wasn’t doing anything for me, my psyche, it was just making it worse. And, I was just trying to hide it, I kept talking to coach and telling him I’m alright and telling my teammates I’m alright. But, at the end of the day if you look at the games over the last week, week and a half, I just wasn’t myself. Physically it was taking a toll on me.”

Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni did not announce whether small forward Bill Walker will replace Anthony in the starting lineup. New York faces Miami on Friday night at 8 PM and will then conclude the four-game road trip in Houston on Saturday night.

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