The Road Show: Flight Activities

Jonah Ballow


A major part of the NBA life is the travel portion to an incredibly hectic schedule.  Flying from city to city, day and night, the plane becomes home and a spot of solitude for most players.  Chemistry is built on the road, where the group of players is forced in tight spaces during adverse times. 

The activities range from an intense game of monopoly for Landry Fields or listening to new beats for the self-proclaimed music guru Carmelo Anthony.  Even the rookies play a special role on the plane ride as Josh Harrellson has his duties to serve water, Gatorade, juice, or soda to his fellow veteran teammates.  Of course, movies are essential for the long plane rides, whether it’s a new release or a go-to selection in their library of films.  For Renaldo Balkman, the task is simple during the flight…sleep. surveyed the Knicks to find out their top or current music and movie choice on the team plane. 

Carmelo Anthony:  Harlem Nights
Iman Shumpert:  Remember The Titans
Tyson Chandler:  Gladiator
Amar’e Stoudemire:  Bourne Supremacy, Documentaries
Bill Walker:  Harlem Nights
Josh Harrellson:  Action Movies

Carmelo Anthony:  MGMT (Electric Feel)
Amar’e Stoudemire:  Jay-Z, Kanye West
Bill Walker:  Tupac, Notrious B.I.G., Young Jeezy
Josh Harrellson:  Jason Aldean, Dirt Road Anthem
Landry Fields:  Drake, Childish Gambino