NBA Calls Novak’s Number For 3-Point Contest

Jonah Ballow


“Novakaine” and “Discount Triple Check” will soon be heard in households across the world. 

Steve Novak is ready to hit the main stage at one of the NBA’s marquee events at All-Star Weekend as the league announced on Thursday night he will join a group of contestants in the Foot Locker 3-Point Contest.

“It’s very cool,” Novak reacted in an exclusive interview with  “It’s something I always watched growing up and obviously it’s the highest level of 3-point competition, so it’s just an honor to be in it.”

Novak will take aim at some of the elite long distance shooters in the NBA, including: Stephen Curry, Ryan Anderson, Paul George, Matt Bonner and Kyrie Irving.  Last year’s champ, Kevin Love is unable to defend his crown due to a broken hand, which opens the door wide open for Novak as he attempts to become the first Knick to win the contest that started in the 1985-86 season.

“You know, I just want to go there and shoot the ball well but just to be part of that weekend and that experience is going to be really special.  I will have my family there and hopefully represent the Knicks well,” Novak smiled.

Ironically, Novak began his pro journey in Houston where the 2013 All-Star festivities take place.  He is playing the most significant minutes of his six-year in New York and last season he registered an incredible 47.2 percent mark from the 3-point line.  In four more minutes a game this season, Novak is hitting 44.4 percent just behind Korver and Curry for the third spot among qualified leaders.

Novak is looking to duplicate his 2006 performance in the college 3-point shootout while he was a senior at Marquette.  The sharpshooter recorded a combined 64 points out of the possible 90 in three rounds.  In the NBA’s version of the contest, Novak understands the extreme pressure that waits with the thousands in attendance and millions watching on television.

“I’ve been in 3-point contests before just not as this level obviously,” Novak stated.  “There will only be as much pressure as a I put on myself.  You have to be in a good place mentally and just be focused and know that every shot is going to go in.”

Examining the past winners, size and shooting style are on the similar to Novak.  Love, James Jones, Paul Pierce, and Jason Kapono all share similar traits as the Knicks prolific flamethrower. 

“I think if you look at some of the highest percentage shooters of all-time; a huge majority of them are set shooters.  I think Ray Allen may be the one exception I can think of, he actually jumps quite a bit when he shoots.  I think obviously in a contest like that, it works to your advantage to not wear your legs out shooting 25 shots per round and you stay fresh the whole time,” Novak explained.

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