Postgame NY vs. MIA: Chandler

Tyson Chandler looks back at a 104-84 season opening win over the Heat on Friday night.

Tyson Chandler

On Defense:

“I think we controlled the tempo of the game. We were able to get back in transition and hold them to half court sets. We were able to dictate where they took their shots from.” 

On improvement since preseason:

“I really think the week of practice helped us. Being able to focus on the little things. Coach was able to put in his principles. Preseason is always a learning experience. You learn from your mistakes. Coach understood what we had to work on this week in practice.

On Madison Square Garden atmosphere:

“Before the game, it was difficult because we were in the locker room and I think everyone has the hurricane on their mind and everything the city is going through. And then as we were going out onto the floor, we were like ‘look, we’re here, our friends are here, the thing we can do is put a smile on their faces and represent the city well.’”

On Jason Kidd:

“He brings so much. He is such an intelligent basketball player. He’s a coach on the floor – getting guys in the right places. He makes sure shots come from where we want them to come from. He does so much – he hits big shot after big shot. And he’s still a great defender.”

On Carmelo Anthony:

“He’s very motivated right now. I’ve only been with him for two years, but this is the most motivated I’ve seen him. He’s doing so much, and not only what you guys saw on display tonight. But, in the film room and walk throughs. He’s changed. He’s getting in early, putting up shots from everywhere, pulling guys to the side to give them advice. He’s being a great teammate. I think the summer experience [in the Olympics] definitely helped him.”