TUES Practice Report

Jonah Ballow


STAT’s Setback
On Tuesday afternoon, the Knicks announced the news that Amar'e Stoudemire is scheduled to have a left knee debridement and is expected to be out approximately 6-8 weeks.

“It’s tough, Amar’e is a big piece of our puzzle,” head coach Mike Woodson reacted.  “Man, I don’t care how you slice it and we will be here when he gets back, that's for sure.  We just have to hold the fort down until he is ready to get back in a uniform on the floor playing."

Woodson played Carmelo Anthony at the power forward position several times last season.  Anthony flourished at the 4 during the Olympics this summer as well.  The All-Star will most likely see minutes deep in the post and Woodson said his starting lineup will be based on the opposition.

“A lot of times, I’m going to base it on personnel and see if we can get an even matchup when we start the game.  If Rasheed comes along nicely, that gives us another big guy and we can always slide Melo to the 4,” Woodson added.

Chandler Back In Action
The Knicks were able to breathe a sigh of relief after an MRI only revealed a knee bone bruise for Tyson Chandler.  At today’s practice, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year was back on the floor with the team.  He also worked on some individual drills to improve and test the strength of his knee. 

“Tomorrow is a good day to see how I recover from today’s work, you know, how I feel and how sore I get,” Chandler explained.  “But, I just want to know that I can hold contact.  Right now, I’m running, doing drills by myself and feeling fine but it’s another thing when you got a 300-pounder leaning on you and all that.  So, I just want to make sure I can protect myself when I’m out there.”  

Sandy Stories
With the season opener just two days away, the Knicks desperately needed a practice session considering yesterday’s was canceled.  The NBA confirmed that Thursday’s Knicks-Nets contest will be played as scheduled despite the public transit issues in the city. 

“It was tough because I didn’t know,” Woodson reflected on the difficult situation.  “Yesterday, I was in here at the office, my coaches and I just going over some game tape trying to figure out what we could do in terms of trying to get guys in and practice.  We knew it couldn’t happen this morning, so we came in as coaches this morning and kept making phone calls and was able to get them in around 5 o’clock.”

Anthony said he was close to the crane that dropped on Monday in Manhattan and Chandler was able to see all the power go out in the city from his vantage point.  Marcus Camby was the only player that could not attend Tuesday’s practice due to several trees down in his neighborhood.

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