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    March 04, 2012
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    dickinson, ND
  • Favorite Knicks Moment
    between the larry johnson 4 point play/ linsanitys top plays and melos awesome performance with those 3pointers on the right side of the court. and he said mutha Bleepers when he cashed that perfect jumper at the end sent chills up my spine. lin hitting that 3 from the wing and owning kobe was awesome too. also shump looking like the best defender ever against d wade before his injury when he stole it like 3 times in a row from wade that was a preview of this year..
  • First Knicks Game
    never been to a knicks game but plan to when my wifes health is good for a long while and save up some maybe see one in another city closer to nodak. seen carmelo n smith play in bismarck nd and it was awesome, except mike miller beat them with his 3s for the t wolves.
  • Favorite Knicks Player
    iman shumpert, carmelo and smith


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