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    March 01, 2012
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    Everyone playing and laughing while winning hard games. Especially the winning game in Toronto @Raptors. That was just beyond... amazing..!!! Despite being away from home, they played hard and got the win they all deserved!
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    When I first found out about all this hype around Jeremy Lin, I had to check it out and because basketball is one of my all time favourite sports (though I'm actually not a sports person in general nor someone who'd catch all the games live), I gave in and bam- Jeremy really caught me and now I'm hooked. I watched all the highlights and even games before Jeremy came in and saw how much Knicks has improved since. The first game I watched (live!) was Knicks vs. Raptors in Toronto. That was the first time in my life going to an actual LIVE event with thousands of people surrounding me. I'm not a crowd person and tend to move away from those areas, but not that time. I just HAD to go no matter what and I'm glad I did, it was definitely worth it!
  • Favorite Knicks Player
    Jeremy Lin. But I like Knicks as a team.


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