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    For me it was during the whole Linsanity era. I'm from Toronto, so I catch all the Knicks game when they come down since they acquired Melo. Meaning I use to catch all the Nuggets games prior. Back the the "Moment"... the Knicks were down 2 or 1 and J Lin hit a three to go up by 1 or 2(can't remember). There were a few secs left on the clock and the Raps couldn't get off a play to get a basket and the Knicks won. The crowd there was nuts, and the game was in Toronto. I know the Knicks have had greater moments like the "Reggie Miller Thriller" in that playoff series against Ewing. But I chose the J Lin moment because I was there and I can actually remember what happened a posed to being a noob to basketball during the Knicks/Pacers series.
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    When I went to the Toronto Raptors season opener against the Knicks the year when they signed Amare in the offseason. Amares first game as a Knick. I remember having the Amare #1 away Knicks jersey on that game. Him and Ray Felton played amazing and got the win. I wasn't a Knicks fan then because I was following Melo in Denver. But later on that season I followed him to New York City and I love it. #NYKALLDAY
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    Carmelo Anthony


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