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Marouan Wahbi asks...
Is Novak better with..

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the two shine together. Novak once told the media that Lin made his shots easier.
Best +/- combo of this team (+122)
He has more Chemistry with Lin!
ATED at this point they are keeping Lins salary demands low! Therefore B.davis will get more minutes as long as he performs well!
who ask these question?
This is a fact from data.
You can see Lin is almost always looking for Novak when he's out there. They're both very good with Novak, but I think Lin is better.
Of Course Lin !!!
the have better passing
Check the stats. Go Jeremy!
I'll say with Lin , but it really depends on whos being more agressive driving in the paint.. Lin grabs more attention and always looks for Novak behind the arc
what kind of question is this
because i saw many times that lin passes it to Novak and he shoots
He is the best,infinite,Fills energy!
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2 time All Star with better ball handling and passing skills!!!
Novak is better with BD, Lin is weak ass hell.
davis knows how to dish
Ball distribution favors spot up shooters. Lin is NOT "Pistol Pete" (Maravich)...