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Kay from Queens asks...
How do you feel about Mike Dantoni leaving? Will this make a difference?
Good for Knicks
Bad for Knicks

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Great.. You can try to teach an old dog a new trick but it takes longer to learn because he already set in his ways. It was good while it last but the pain was still there... See you around Coach D.
Hes The Reason The Team chemistry Was Bad...Get Emm Outta HEreee
If we can keep beating teams and blowing them out like the blazers than I say good for the knicks.
I've been saying good-bye since he signed the contact. I want Jeff Van Gundy!!!! and always will!!!
It was time for a new direction. They would have let him go at the end of his contract anyway.
they just won
D'antoni's offense was keeping melo from doing exactly what he does best, from doing what we brought him over here to do in the first place....SCORE!!! we ddnt bring him over here to score 8 points per game. why don't you haters ever think? all you do is eat whatever the media feeds you and then you pretend to know basketball. we gave up so much to get him, and most of u guys are talking about trading him already? thats why u are not in charge, cause you would do something stupid like that. never mind the fact that we have barely had solid practice time, never mind that amare wasnt playing so well at the beginning of the season, never mind that D'antoni doesnt know defense o_O or that he never brought us to the playoffs (UNTIL MELO GOT HERE) never mind that New York fans chanted "!!!WE WANT MELO!!!" loud and clear in the Garden...or did you sell outs forget that already? Ooo Ooo I can keep going, never mind the fact that D'antoni di"dnt know that Jeremy Lin could play" ... yes that's right, your beloved coach actually said this, but u want to keep him right? he said melo never came to him to put play Lin, but Lin says it was Melo who asked D'antoni to play him....hmmmm o_O #suspect maybe u guys haven't been watching the games recently so u don't know. but we are doing much better since Mike D. left. the players wont say it because they have too much class but the evidence is there. and I am not hating on Mike D. but his offense and lack of defensive prowess wasnt getting us a ring. forcing a player out of his element IS NOT GOING TO GET US TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! In conclusion, we (true Knicks fans) don't need fake fans like you in our bleachers, 'fans" who only give off negative energy to our team and stir up the rumors the media feeds you. our team doesn't suck, YOU DO!! #GoKnicks
finally, he has come to his senses that his system can't work out with the Knicks.
It was the greatest thing that has happened for the knicks in coaching side
Style clashes always occur, but the teams that make it work are never discussed.
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a bad example that shows a player could just not play a coach's system, let the team lost again and again, and not only got away with it but drove away the coach. really bad example. if bball is based on the boss taking sides, it lost it's prime-- fairness and team spirit.
A change sometimes is good. Sometimes a coach's leave will awake the players. But, it set a bad example for the team, and will scare away a lot of coaches.
Actually, not only back for Knicks but bad for the fans and non-fans... the entire world. Bad example to kids who are learning how to bully people to get whatever they want. Don't we have too many of those self-centered people in our society already? I don't mind seeing players trying their best and give up... I am not convinced that those big shots players ever tried their best... they complained to their might but they never tried hard enough. What a shame. I don't care whether Knicks wins or looses (I am not their corporate anyway) but I care about how this might impact our children who are learning and exercising what they learn on our society in the future. In 10 years, they will grow up and run our country... Don't you think we need to think about them? Sad and bad example.
coach knows more about his players than anyone. probably he sees no hope for the knicks due to some highly-paid selfish stars
yeah shows people like melo -.- that they can get it their way -.- which is horrible!!!1 cause he was a good coach not his fault his well paid player didnt listen
this is way bad but we haeve to see how mike does
Go Knicks!
With coach D'Antoni's departure, it hurts the team spirit. I personally think coach should not be blamed for the losing streak because we have the winning streak to proof he's system works when all the players are buy-in and play hard. I think it is good for Knicks if both coach D'Antoni and Melo are out of Knicks.