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little-general asks...
If we still lose without Mike D, will the problem/focus be on Melo?

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He's not unlucky, he's just sucking tbh. Put up some numbers, share the ball, and win.
8,000 %
100 percent totally.
hold him accountable!
Yes, because Melo is unlucky.
Not a team player. go Knicks!
yes because he is the best player and its his fault if we loose bottom line
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The team... Melo misses a jump shot which is 50/50 but majority of the rest of the team misses layups and almost all of them sucks at the free throw line. HOLD THE TEAM ACCOUNTABLE, not individuals unless it's just an individual that can't get right!
No you can't wholed one person accountable for the whole team actions. And melo don't suck it was not a full season and he's out of shape just like most of the league. Learn more before any of you idiots start typing stuff down.
stop sucking
basketball is a team work, u can't blame it on other people
No, the focus should be on the whole team.