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linfields617 asks...

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I'll still like & checking on Knicks but i like Knicks becoz of Lin~ & he will be my main focus
I was a fan before Linsanity and I will stay a fan after linsanity.
This is a stupid question duh, because I am a true Knicks fan. I can't stand bandwagoners
The team is more than one guy.
Been here B4 Lin!!!
Derr! I am glad the Lin followers have brought more interest in the knicks and all,BUT....C'mon man this ? should be ridiculous to Knicks fans!
I don't give a dam if Lin leaves Knicks could be good with out him
true knicks fan stay with the knicks no matter what
Because once a Knickerbocker...ALWAYS a Knickerbocker. I'm happy to see Lin given a chance, but if Dolan somehow decides to part ways with him, not much I can do about it, will just continue supporting the team and wish Lin success against every team except this ONE!!!
cause i like chandler but i guess i'll follow jeremy more than knicks
HOLY CRAP, this must be a joke... why even sign up for this site if you are not a fan of the team
i freakin love the knickss..i have an NYK tatoo
Yep, Because one person does not make the team " Trade Lin"
Knick fan. Always a Knick fan
Fan since 1969, Fan for life, bleed orange & blue!!! For better or for worst.
Always A Knick!!!!!
I live in Wisconsin but I spent my childhood in NYC. I went to Knicks with my older brothers. They are just part of my history.
C'mon, you know how many Knick legends have come and go throughout the years, and I'm still a Knick diehard fan..if he goes to another team I still wish him the very best !!!
Because the Knicks ARE NY!
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Nah! I've become a huge fan of Knicks because of LIN and have been visiting this site because of LIN and even bought a Knicks shirt with a shipping cost higher than the T-shirt itself because of LIN!
I followed the Kincks because of Jeremy Lin.
I am a knicks fan because of linsanity. I will follow the next team that Jeremy Lin goes.
We only watch basketball and follow Knicks just because of J. Lin, we will follow him wherever he goes. We all love J. Lin...and also his best friend, Landry.
lin is my world. so.... no.
Knicks fan bc of lin
It's not just Lin, it's the way he plays and makes his teammates play. He brings excitement to the game to the team. I'm tired of watching just a couple of people in a team having the spotlight over everyone else building their egos. Lin made a decent roster look great and the whole team played in such a harmony and chemistry. And now it seems it's all ruined. I hope that later in his career he can go to a team that is build around him. Not full of stars but just good players that want to play as a team and have fun. That's what made me watch basketball again.
Being a Fan of Knicks is because of Lin.
Linsanity is the driving force for a huge crowd, without Jeremy, people will go back to watch better team like Heat and Bull's game and cheer for them instead.
im a knicks fan because of JEREMY LIN! knicks weren't noticeable since LIN jumps in
I like Tyson and Jeffries and Shump, but nope. I will follow JLin.
Alllin. That's why :-)
no why
See ya!