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linfields617 asks...

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Yeah, trade him so that he can shine at different stage, instead of being benched again in this team.
let lin get out of the hell like dantoni, without lin who care knicks
The bottom line is that Lin is a great person, a beautiful story, but an unproven commodity. As a team, if you can acquire a proven stud point guard then you have to do it. Personally, since the Nets got only slightly better before the trade deadline, I would have attempted to trade Lin and STAT to the Nets for Deron (only if he signs an extension) Kris Humphries (replaces STAT at PF, all hustle double double guy, also only if he signs an extension) and maybe push to have MarShon Brooks for Bibby added. This accomplishes a few things. gets us a top 3 pg in this league. 2. we now have extremely talented offensive pg and sf, and extremely talented rebounding and defensive bigs. 3. It gives the Nets a star in STAT and a great building block/cash cow in Lin, which feel like it'd be a win/win for both teams. From what I understand it would also allow the Knicks some financial flexibility as far as STAT's contract. This could be one of the few times it'd be ok to trade with a division rival, but it'd only help both clubs. NY Knicks- pg-Deron, sg-Shump/MarShon Brooks/Fields sf-Melo/JR/Novak pf-Hump/JJ/Novak C-Chandler/Jorts/JJ Nets pg-J.Lin sg-Morrow/DeShawn Stev. Gerald Green sf-"crash" Wallace pf-stat c-Lopez Not too shabby for both teams.....
melo could have did that he has many of time yall know nothing about bball yall are just normal fans
Because Lin is not always going to be good He was only goo for the 6 games the played
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Who else could have led the Knicks in a 7 or 8 game winning streak? Everyone had their chance, and he's the only one who delivered.
Thats crazy,no way. Focus!!!
That would be a ridiculously dumb move. It would never happen. First of all we would not get anything of equal value (Lin is a pretty good point guard who can grow). In addition, Lin has a huge Asian fanbase in NY and throughout the world. It would be incredibly stupid and would hurt us economically to trade him unless we get a top elite pg or something which just would not happen unless we threw in other pieces.
I agree with Pradaholla, the problem is we give away players before they can develop onto superstars. Jeremy lin is a very good point guard. He has to work a little more on his defense and brush up on his shooting, and he will contribute alot for the Knicks.
That is just stupid!
That's the problem we have now, we're always trading players before the get a chance to fit in properly .. JLin is a solid guard
J Lin is a player who still has a lot to learn offensively and defensively so why not wait to see his full potential instead of sending him off somewhere
linsanity forever. he made the team loved and happy again. he brought light to the knicks
Negative, let the kid keep developing into a good Knicks player...TIME
Of course not!! Kicks will lose huge fans who are based in Lin and also lose its own enormous business opportunities.
he's an excellent player. he just need to develop and his learning :)
You crazy! Toney Douglas is the highest paid PG, if you want to trade a PG trade him...
Jeremy is the only star in Knicks.
Dumb Question
Alot of people 4get this is his first true year, no training camp and alot to learn still. When chemistry builds hes going to be a very great point guard.. Only person i would want over J.lin is Cp3
Lmfao why would you? Trade retarded melo
if you are gonna trade trade toney who gets paid the most
he is linsanity duhhh
hell no.
Jeremy is a hardworking humble player who is just learning his craft. He is able to subvert his ego for the benefit of the team and will work well with Melo and Stoudamire. "Star" point guards with big egos will have trouble deferring to these established scorers and the Knicks do NOT need more team tension over what each player's role is to be. Lin seems to "fit" with the players and that is not an easy guarantee with another guard.
No need.Everyone can be a point gaurd in Knicks bc of the only thing they can do is give melo a ball.
how about ur mom?
REally, who?
Are you out of your mind? Who's going to give up a cash cow?
Lin is best
Really ?