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Patric Ariccio asks...
Can the coach figure out how to use Melo in a way that creates wins?

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Of course, that's what the coach is there for !! I'm sure the coach not only ulitizes Melo but players to WIN not LOSE !!!
but probably not!!!
Eventually if he doesn't get fired first! Or they don't trade Melo first!
All changes take time. There will be a breakout game and then it will gel. Knicks all the way this year. Gene
Yes, now that D'Aphonie is gone.
Melo was on fire in the first qt vs Philly .. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE HIM OUT OF THE GAME ?!?!?! ... Even Clyde Frazier made a point about that smh man idk anymore
It takes time to gel
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I don't see Mello have that determination in his eyes... for some reason, he is a little out... his eyes were not showing his ambitions, his body did not show the eagerness... just a depressed guy, was he like that before? I am not talking about JLin or else, just focus on his way of playing... really didn't see the passion...
You can lead a horse to water...
Mello is selfish