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Rick Reiser asks...
Lin or Felton

Top Rated
EASY -- Felton!!! Would've taken Felton last year over Lin.
Felton is more experienced and can find other stratergies
Felton = more experience and not scared to get hit... LIN was scared in the playoff and that right there landed him a ticket out of NY!
Spilled Milk...
Although Lin is doing well with Houston, and I wish him the best, Felton is more experienced and can direct traffic more efficiently.
felton because he had a bad season last year so he has alot to show prove to people lin hade a linstaty yeary pepople expexed more
Felton has experience and has proven he's a winner. (NCAA Champ)
Lin would've been good on the team as a bench pg/sg the way kidd is to felton, but thats as far as id throw him.
tough choice but we havnt seen if lins run was a one time thing or if he can play like that conistantly