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Hasan Muhammad asks...
Rasheed Wallace or Amare?

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Ra-sheed Wall-ace!
sheed he can shoot 3s and have champain exparance shore he has not played in 2 yearys but still
Still got a nice touch offensively and Defensively sound... he doesn't need as much touches like stat... So i think he blends well within the knicks roster better than Stat
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NO COMPARISON!!! Com'on now!!
i know melo anfd amare havent meshed yet but sheed over amare cmon a lil respect
He may get hurt but we need a consistent second scoring option.
Anything sheed can do, stat can do better, except maybe defense.
We have them both so no need to put them against each other I think Stat will have one of his best seasons this year and also think Sheed will contribute a lot to help make this team better as a unit.
Stat's the Man!