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Hasan Muhammad asks...
Should we trade Amare Since the Knicks are rolling without Him?
Yes, For More Dfense

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only if u could get someone good for him but i really want to see stat back and playin well and messin anythin up but helpin us knickerbockers
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Have a feeling he'll be back and playing like STAT when we really need him.
Why get foolish now. We will Need STAT especially come playoff time!!!
dumb question.. STAT is untradeable.
Hello, playoffs, need more than one elite player
Don't trade Amare, we're Rollin now...but we will need him later on in the season to take some of the scoring load off of Melo!!!
The more weapons the better our chances
He brings more depth, scoring, and easy dunks that also bring and ones.
we need a 2nd consistant scorer other than melo and stat is that guy