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Pecko112 asks...
Will the Knicks finish on the top of the Eastern Conference ?
Yes ! Why ?
No ! Why ?

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Because We Believe...
They are playing like they have a mission. the season is early but if they keep up that mentality and performance they will be great!!!
Because They On top in they gonna stay on top
We are the deepest, most aggressive defensively, and everyone on our team can score at least 10 a night, if given the chance.
Biggest bench
Cuz we're on a mission dis year...nd we need homecourt to pull it off
I see this team energized and eager to work hard for coach woody.
We have a serious team -- and yup, they are focused and serious. 3-0 beginning / double digit leads -- just think, SHUMP has yet to touch the floor!
We are the underdogs with the vets. The oldest team in the NBA...everyone laughed at the decisions made. All I'm going to say is : RUDY RUDY RUDY..we'll overcome the odds
if we stay healthy
This is our year
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On top? like #1, probably not. Top 4? very well can, and I hope they do ^_^, like they have been saying all offseason, as long as they stay healthy, theyll be good. True stuff.
Top 4 yes... 1st?! That's more then a little ambitious don't you think?
it depends how the rest of the season gose if it gose like the first two games they can win the champs but they are old and injes can come
Need more time together. I would love it if they did
I think they will be up there. Around 3-4th seed. but Miami and boston are still very good teams. Nets are also upgraded and should make the playoffs. Theres also still the bulls, But with out D-Rose. They wont be as affective.