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Alan Tolbert asks...
Are you pumped that our season opener is at home against the Heat!?!

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The knicks can learn what team defense look like.
The Miami Heat are a great team, and with a home court advantage the NY Knicks can bring a win to get us 1-0 in the season.
Gonna be great game we got this!!!!
"knicks can learn what team defense looks like" and most people voted for you, I bet most are feeling dumb right now. Same goes for stefano, you two are the most negative towards knicks ive noticed.
Why not.. a chance to revisit where we left off last season...
Heck yeah, waiting for the game to start. I have everything I need to enjoy the game. Lets Go Knicks!!
Its a big game to open the season and with a win can get us off to a great start
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no.....heat are good