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Anthinh Dang asks...
Could The Knicks Be Better Without Novak,Melo,Amare,Shumpert
They Need Them

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They need melo, he is their soon to be legit leader and most importantly their main scorer. 48 Minutes of defense is great, but you need someone who can score at will. Shump is best outside defender with some offensive skills. Novak had best 3pt % last year, enough said. Amare needs time to prove himself this year, I'm sure at times he will be player of the game, but overall will he bring more + than - to the table? time will tell.
everyone but amare
we dont need the shit head amare
chill wit da amare hate it not his fault he get injured
We dont need amare if we can blow out the heat and the 76ers without him
not possible
Cant win with out Key pieces
This question us Dumb! they are now in 3-0 3-win 0-LOSE!
we need them except for amare
you stubid retared they will be like the bobcats but wores lose
We need shump and melo, we want novak, but Stat is crap right now
Mello,Amare= offensive and defensive stars. Novak, Shumpert= good all around players
amare is a winner!!!1