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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Since amare is out for 2 months, will this benefit melo?
yes why
no why

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The stats say he thrives at the 4, so we can win, and Melo can do what Melo does!
More Playin time for him to make up for Amare
Tell us why you picked your answer...
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MELO IS NOT A WINNER amere is we was winning before melo came around since than we became melo team a losing one because inside of him it all about him AMARE MADE THE KNICKS A TEAM MELO THE KNICKS A MELO TEAM A DUDE THAT DON'T KNOW THE word team win i can tell amare has giving up on this melo team before melo came around he was injuries free we went from losing to winning nine straight game we beat maima twice that before melo the only that team need was a guy like tyson to stop the bleeding the center position and this coach has no offence game keep talk about defence win games season im telling you people this will not work we all love melo but he is not the one we need a team like detroi when the won
NO - Cant benefit Melo if its not benefiting the Knicks.