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ny212 asks...
Who will get most of amare's minutes?

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none are even playin but camby cuz he has more experiance
we cant afford mistakes with how weve been doing a mistake is less likely to come from a veteran like camby
but I'm camby's fan
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Don't have to answer why BUT CAN TELL YOU THAT I CANT WAIT TO SEE COPE AND SHUMP on the floor together during a heated game!
Copeland plays like a PF, he would be a great backup for amare
Copeland had some good games n the preseason. He have experience and should get more time over camby
Would love to see copeland play more, He can be very effective like melo.
younger + more offensive player
Camby is better suited to come off the bench and replace Chandler. Copeland plays better with Melo...