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David Guarin asks...
Do we trade Amare if we don't get past the first round in the playoffs?
Trade him

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Why would a team want his ridiculous contract? When the knicks gave him 5yr/100 M I understood it but didn't agree with it. Amare was like the last woman at the bar at 3 am. They wanted a popular name player. I bet if melo had a chance 2 do it all over again he would have definetly signed with the Brooklyn Nets! Where he is from and don't y'all forget it. He is from Brooklyn NY! On the real I hope amare fully recover I don't wish injuries on no one.
Hes a bust . trade him for some draft picks and a new fire ex
Trade em now.
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Can we find a better player than him. He put up great numbers but then his back/short season limited his potential. if injury doesn't hinder us, i don't have any doubts that we won't get out the first round!
depends who we could get for him
We have no idea if Amare will be the downfall in the playoffs. What if he played and they lose? what if he didn't play and they lose? what if he was the best player in the playoffs and not such a good player throughout the year? not fair to ask this question.
BECASUe he just work with one of the best players in NBA history