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Kay from Queens asks...
James White Season Predictions
League Noisemaker!!!
Quiet Benchwarmer...

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idont kno him like that but based on his highlights lol he seems like an explosive player WITH BUNGGYS. this man can jump his butt off. hes deffinatly not going to be quiet nut idk about a league noisemaker. we will have to see
hes a freak of nature watch him get us steals ast nd a few points .
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3.4 points and 1.5 reb with 7mpg average.
Unsure.. Never heard of him until we signed him!
I'd say in between. He'll average about 7 or 8 points, and about 5 rebs, so yep.
Didn't do that well in the Summer League and Preseason. Unless he steps up in a major way, I don't see him getting that many minutes.