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ny212 asks...
What is it about the knicks that make them better then the heat?
I admitt they not better
They better because.....

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A lot of knick fans think the knicks will win the championship this yr. The heat r the champs an they play the best team defense. They won't b a easy team 4 the knicks 2 beat. U knick fans r so excited about how deep u are an possibly the deepest bench n the nba. With some injuries they have now it shouldn't b any pressure since they so deep right? It's one thing 4 a team 2 have 1 40 or near 40 yr old dude. The knicks got like 4 or 5. This old guy experiment can b surprisingly good or it can b ugly.
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WE want the title in N.Y.C
We are hungry for the title !!!
More experienced cast and more competitive as well
They are a more deeper team
Well the knicks just killed the heat in a game (something nobody wouldve ever predicted) But I know when its playoff time and if both teams are healthy and ready to go, its going to be a 6-7 series. Close games and tough battles. We are finally going to see a renewed playoff rivalry like its late 90's. Win or lose ill be happy for the knicks especially with how far they've come
there not better....sorry knicks