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DaveDMan asks...
What will Felton, Kidd and Prigioni avg per game? Break it down.
15pts, 10ast, 8rbs, or -
16pts, 11ast, 9rbs or +

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PRIGIONI please tell him to stop passing the ball all the time he can shoot better than felton he is the best pg we have we just don't know it but he need to keep up his speed aqnd learn how to break deffence!!!!!!!!!!!
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With Veteran Player Jason Kidd at the Point, the Knicks will have Superior Ball Movement.
On any given night... I expect these numbers from the floor.. They are proven material... not rookies!
we have kidd,who has a great 3 point shot,and he give TONS OF ASSISTS,and he alot of games that he's on fire,and prigioni and felton could do the exact same thing.(oly kidd does a little bit better)