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Alan Tolbert asks...
76ers will be a formidable team. After all, only one pre-season loss.

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They've added some nice key pieces during the offseason to combat the Atlantic division and make a longer run into the Playoffs. We've got to keep an eye on them.
Just as we have improved they have to. We're better but they will be tougher than last year.
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NOPE, that was only pre-season... no one is really bringing their A-game unless they are trying to make the team.. like Copeland did!!! I expect the rivalry to be more intense but definitely not formidable especially against the other teams in our division. I see them finishing 2nd or 3rd (Knicks, Phila-Boston, Nets, Toronto)
back end of the playoffs preseason means sh*t
Pre-season is no indicator of a team's ability, just coach tinkering.
ONLY PRESEASON. Lakers went 0-6, doesnt mean they will suck!
They played like that because they will continue to suck ass in the regular season. Bynum is still injured and injury prone. The only problem was we let too many 3's fly. Now that Ronnie Brewer is back in form and Shumpert is coming, Philly is still garbage.