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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Is Carmelo Anthony is an overall better player than Kevin Durant?
Yes, why
No, why

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Melo like's to play inside and those are tuff buckets where when we have durant who shoots outside shots which are low pertcentage
Melo is a more physical player that can dominate down low. I think Durant may have the slight edge on the outside game...
Melo is probably the best scorer in the game! Idk why the guy said Durant is stronger than Melo thats definitely not true. Melo plays at the 4 also and I dont see Durant doing that.
Kevin Durant is a Beast! But Carmelo is also a Beast, has more experience, and the ability to make his team-mates better.
As Durant has had, Melo know has many, many more complimentary pieces. He will take us to many 50+ win seasons and deeper in the PO's. He will be our key all around contibutor to a Chip!
Easy! He can do all the things Durant does, he is stronger and he is a better post-player. 1 on 1 Durant won't stand a chance!
Because Amare
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honestly Melo Is the best PURE scorer in the NBA at the moment but KD is better shooter and a lot more consisitant, im idk but i would pick KD on my team befor Melo
man melo is my favorite player but be honest
durant is faster,stronger and younger,but,if melo was in his prime by this time he would fursure be better then durant