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Kay from Queens asks...
Solid - (Strong Points)
Shaky - (Weak Points)

Top Rated
Very physical and contact player. Once that "am in the NBA now" bug is gone he should rise to become a stellar player. He has a good thing going for him with the ability to move his feet, rebound and play D. one major concern is his turnover rate (something that plagues the team), which I think he need to work on!!!
needs to play a lil more aggressive on both ends
Too many turnovers though.
He has potential, could be a plus with all the veterans teaching him
gives you offense and good defense should make the team
Top Rated
First of all, he is the best vying for the 15th spot. As a primary or secondary option he is very good, but other aspects of his game such as defense and especially rebounding need major improvement. He seems to be capable of improving those areas but only time will tell.