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Alan Tolbert asks...
First game that STAT's back, we lose. Should we get rid of him?
Yes, this is Melo's team

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Stop that. Because of injuries we've only seen Stat be STAT in spurts. We've also seen Stat and Melo gel (in spurts). After an actually training camp and going through a regular season we may see something consistent start to develop.
u cant judge whether or not melo and stat can play together based on one game! it takes time!
I believe that with J-kidd Felton and Prigioni handling the ball Melo and Stat are going to have a great year working together. what they needed was smart ball distribution, and now they have it.
Everyone said that about Melo when he was injured, yet he is still an Elite player in the NBA. Let things develop
We should get rid of you for even bringing that up.
he is prone to injury all the time but when he is on his A game he is very nice! even when melo is cold on some games
This is Preseason.. you gotta be kidding me!!!
It Is Melo's Team But We Need Stat Too We Cant Be Having Melo The Best Carry The Team Everyniight We That Extra Help