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Aaron1771 asks...
deep down are you worried about the knicks this year

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sadly yes because i feel im goin to be let down again with a first round exit or a major injury or bad GM move etc
Wow wsp with the lack of belief n ur team.
we are a very injury prone team! we need all hands on deck for our team to be successful and we may not have it every game... i hate saying that tho
a little cuz were not consistent
bec the nets are really trying to make a fool out of the knicks and as it looks now,they really have a chance of doing that.BUT I STILL AM A KNICK FAN AS THEY SAY ONCE A KNICK ALWAYS A KNICK!!!!
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Not the slightest!
A real fan is never shaken for their team. Injuries happen, basketball reasons happen. Let them win and worry. We fans cheer them on. Have faith. It's ridiculous to think otherwise
As a fan I am Optimistic until there is reason. At the begining of the season I have hope and pray this will be our year. Ask me again if, if we have any major setbacks. Otherwise the answer is no.
Just the injuries...