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Kay from Queens asks...
Which is your most anticipated Knicks matchup?
vs Brooklyn Nets
vs Miami Heat

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opening night and im from brooklyn
same state
statement time!!!
First Game on the slate in the BKs new Arena... Knicks must dominate to set the tone early in the season!
We'll see Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals
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BOTH FOR DIFFERENT REASONS -- HEAT: Agree with KnewYourKnicks' Comment, It would give us an idea of what type of team we really have / where we stand in the league. NETS: It's the begging of a new type of rivalry like Mets vs Yanks so it should be fun for the city. (LETS GO KNICKS!!!)
KNICKS VS HEAT will tell us where we stand as a team/after all they're the champs
home opener, we win we in conversation as title contenders!
Miami Cause Lot of Good Players That Can Take Us Dwn But Jus Knoe Not Ganna Happin The Year
If they can beat the Heat then they can beat anyone
i hate the heat and can't wait to get revenge for them beating us. but also nets game is good because we gotta shut the nets up and prove we run ny!!
Lets see what they (Miami) can do with us now.