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KnicksFlash asks...
Do you think The Knicks can make it to the Eastern Conference Finals?
Bring It On
Lose In 2nd Round

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if amare and melo can figure it out, absolutely!!!
We got the scorers and a defensive coach. Sky's the limit!!
this talent is unbelievable
Yes, this is realistic, lets get it NYK. we got the talent, youth, veteran presence, and the coach.
no dought if melo and amare begin to play together besides seperate than who can stop em ....NOBODY
THIS IS OUR SEASON!!! We've been making moves forever to get a team like the one we have now. KNICKS AND FANS DESERVE IT -- EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS AND BEYOND!!!
their chance is good to make it far
Why not?!!!
Ov Course We Can We Got J.r That Can Score Anytime We Got Novak In The Corner At all time We Go Melo Thats In The Clutch No Matter Who Guard Him We Got Stat Get Up On The Board and Dunks..Felton Tha See Very well.Its A whole Lot Of Drama Wee Can Give We Jus Have to stay to gether and Defence..I Seee Melo Do Good On Defence He Play Dee Yes He Does
If healthy and the seed is right then sure
I think the only hill will be the Heat and injuries. If we can get through the season with minimum injuries we have a very good shot.
Hell Yeah, we're going to be the second seed in the East! Bring it Lebron the the ECF then Bring it Kobe in the Finals! Kidd & Chandler 'gon show you how we Wup Dat @$$