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chumchum1723 asks...
Will Carmelo Exceed or Preceed Expectation?

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big time.. both he n Amare...
Pressures on to win, he has the squad, his game has already bee elevated since the Olympic, it's time and he is ready!
He Will Do Good This Year Melo MVP.Lets Go
Pple r doubting melo and hes gunna show them that thier wrong
yes he has watched 3 good friends win titles (kobe lebron dwade) and he will b motivated
he is player in opinion
Carmelo Anthony will exceed expectation, and will make everyone into believers. Melo, is starting to become underrated, I dont like that.
He is going off this season
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Preceed but just because he is expected to do so well after the olympics where it was a different style of play compared to the nba