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Lucas Jacques asks...
What do you feel about these Brooklyn Bandwagoners? its still our city
I dont like them
eh im fine

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only for the hype and not a true patriot...
why they didnt like the nj nets, just cause its brooklyn dosen't mean its better, and this is coming from someone who lives in brooklyn
I like this, the fake Knicks fans are heading out. They just follow the hype then switch teams once it dies out. You bandwagon fans that are now rooting for another team like the Rockets or Nets don't come back when your team is not in the playoffs.
Every last one of them are crybabies who were former Lin lovers, or disgruntled Knick fans. They were never truly fans to begin with and we will see there stupid faces come NOV 1ST! I'm even ready for Oct 26th! Preseason NETS GAME!
knicks r da best
i hate them so much it ain't even funny no more
they are baby knicks.. joe johnson wishes he was carmelo... kris hump wishes he was amare... lopez wanna be tyson chandler..... is like the nets manangement got generic version our players.. wanna be's.....
Bandwagoners aren't really fans they just go with the tide. A true Knick fan would never jump from the wagon to go to Brooklyn,not after sticking with the team through all the bad times.
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I been a nets fan b4 they moved to ny. So y'all don't know what u talking about. Yall gonna like the nets when they start off good
Shout Out to Brooklyn! Congrats on your team -- Brooklyn is happy / I'm happy for yall. There are Brooklyn Knicks Fans -- Shout out to yall. EH IM FINE!! WITH THEM PLUS LIN-ONLY FANS GONE WE COULD GET A BETTER VIEW OF THE GAME!!!