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Timochizz asks...
Jason Kidd
Loving Him
Hating Him

Top Rated
how can u hate kidd
HOF first ballot - no brainer, you get that man if he has gas in the tank, which he does
wow he is sooooo good we did the right thing to get him
Love him. He's better than Lin
I speak for myself -- I think it's something special for us to have Jason Kidd. He is OLDER not OLD and definitely not WASHED-UP (now Bibby...). IN SHORT -- He is a coach on the floor and will contribute big during big moments. Experience, Skill and Talent.
J Kidd
He's a great player, love him. Let's go Knicks!!!
Veteran skill set, excellent ballhandling.
That's my dude.
His knowledge will make the others much better and he still has a lot of talent to offer.
I love him. Although... I have a feeling Prigioni is going to be the one to really make an impact this year. I just think Kidd will be the rock.
Call a Cab next time Bro
Him, Felton and Prigioni are making convincing cases for no Jeremy Lin! I'm down for that!