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rock9909 asks...
What are the odds of the knicks winning a championship
they have a good chance
eh maybe or maybe not

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Very great chance
i think they have as good of a chance as anyone
Same as any of the top teams in the league right now... but this is only pre-season so lets take it one step at a time... win games first!!! I see a team of hungry players who are on a mission!!!
They have as good a chance as anyone else in the league.
knicks all the way
We're playing with a chip! to get our CHIP
I know I am speaking as a fan, but after watching them on Real Training Camp and throughout the re-season I am believing they have a REAL shot. Even if it is a long one. More importantly, they all seem to believe and that is huge.
its close! it all rides on if melo and amar'e can play off of each other! look, theyre two FORWARDS!!!! they dont need to play off of oneonother to be a dangerous team they just need to be able to run the plays they like while theyre both on the floor! isolation for anthony, pick and roll plays for amar'e! alternate bwtween the two and theres your system!
Veterans, it's all I have to say, in an all out brawl veterans always have the upper hand, IQ man..IQ.
Even their bench is dominating..
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There are alot of ifs. Health, chemistry and 4-quarter energy every night!
Maybe, we have to see what we look like in the regular season, then we gotta stay healthy. I still dnt trust ray Felton yet. This team will go as far as melo takes them.