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Kay from Queens asks...
C.Barkley said "Nets = best team in NY". Are the Knicks NBAs Most Hated?
Yup - No love for Knicks
Nah - Knicks get love

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Charles Barkley's been a NY hater since he was playing in Phila... he can suck on a phat one!!!!
I ask because they make all of these predictions without really seeing the Nets play. Okay they have new players and a new arena -- but until I really see something -- they are just the New Jersey Nets with a few new players and a new arena.. Also feel sports commentators (especially those who never played for NY) take a stab at the Knicks at any opportunity. Am I bugging? or will the league be mad when the Knicks get a championship?
Knicks get no love. We got Melo, it was too much. We signed some older players, we are old. We got veterans and they call them has beens but if those vets were on other teams, they'd be great, even starters. We decided against Lin and forget it, 1 billion people against us. Barkely picking the Nets just shows you why HE didn't get a ring...lack of basketball IQ. They are better because of Joe Johnson?? Please, I'd put Pablo on him. Go Knicks!!
they never get any good comments other than carmelo or amare its a team not a person
they dont like the knicks but most hated nah
Knicks are thrown under the bus by Barkley and ESPN on the regular.
yup us and the heat... but i hate those heat
Barkley has a thing for the Knicks. Maybe they turned him down for something or criticized him.
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No Knicks Love, why not?
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The Knicks have the greatest fans in the NBA
Hopefully they win so much and play so tough that they become most hated. Hopefully
Charles Barkley is a big NY hater from the days when he jumped up on the score's table after he lost in the Garden. Barkley speaks and most of the time he doesn't know any facts. Like saying the Knicks should have signed Lin and amnestied him in year 3. How could they do that if they already used it on Billups. He talks about the Knicks being so old but the starters average age is under 29. All of the older players with a guarantied contract are in great shape and Wallace will have to show that he can get there in order to get one. Barkley has no idea how long a vet could play if he stays in shape because Barkley was rarely in shape himself. Thats why his comeback try ended in the dumpster behind his neighborhood Krispi Kreme.
under dogs can bite you BIG! f**K aLL haters
get out of here barkley! Thats Terrrribl
I don't believe New York has bought into the "Brooklyn" newcomers yet. They have to prove they haven't left their hearts in New Jersey! However, they do need to leave their losing ways there!