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if the nets got howard would the nets be a better than the knicks?

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No.. it's not a one man team/game... he'd make the team good but like we did in the past is find a way yo shut him down come game time. I don't recall him having any super games against us, especially last year!
Too bad for the Nets they screwed that one up, lol
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Howard is overrated. Tyson always dominates him. We don't need him or want him.
melo said he wanted dwight to go to da net for more compation
Howard is a good pick for center but he's still overrated.
well that depends on how we play him but otherwise no the nets dont really have good players surrounding dwight
First, to correct your question; ...would the Nets be a better (team)than the Knicks? I don't think so. With the Knicks' depth behind Tyson and Camby, (as usual) Howard would fall short at the foul line.
SORRY BUT this is HYPOTHETICAL it never happen and it will never will DWight is happy with KOBE and the team.REALTALK? too bad for the NETS ..