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Chazz79 asks...
Felton fits better to the team than lin would?

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Far more experienced and bigger too... Don't get me wrong Lin has game but money talks and BS walks.. so we let the BS go !!!
Felton knows the system and is better able to play defense. He is less likely to turn the ball over as much as Lin. Good floor general, without the hype-sanity!
man i love felton dont get me wrong lin is good but when felton and amare get going now tyson with the P&R its going to be magic
Felton can run a team that's what we need
Better defense, less turnovers, knows how to run a the team. IMO, Lin just had a few good games when the team needed good games.Rocket coaches aren't to happy with their choice media says.
Felton is getting everyone involved!!!
HELL YEAH, less hype, more substance. I am 85% sure of this.
Once a Knick Always a Knick
HELLO!!!!! expierience!
Yes, I agree, but lets watch some more games tho. He played very well last game
For me no question! Felton is the better pointguard! he has more expierence! and he is hot to play for NY again! he is smarter! melo respect him more than lin! i guess that is important! because it doesnt matter which superstars are in a team..the pointguard has the ball! and with lin, melo wants the ball in his hands!