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RED99RED asks...
Why will the Knicks be better than last year?
D'Antoni is Gone
Melo improves this year

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Running & shooting is good as long as the other team isn't running and shooting better! At some point, defense has to prevail. That's what D'Antoni couldn't get done. I believe Melo and STAT with mesh better on the court and become more that "matador" defenders! Improvements in bench strength, experience and talent will make Woodson tenure much mre rewarding than D'Antonio's.
Coaching was non-existent. Woodson has already proven in the ATL he can improve players and a team without players like STAT and Melo. This man is not only a coach but a teacher of the game and with everyone coming in shape already a motivator on and off the court.
I like this one but there are many other reasons
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Its because Melo learn how to move the ball. He learn to find open man and he just wait for his pointguard to give him the ball where he is comfortable to take a shot
Both... plus the new additions!!!
there are many new keys i guess... melo has now the mental thing in his mind! we have tarffic shooters in Novakaine, Prigioni, Kidd and Smith, and great P&Rs with STAT, Camby and Tyson! I see no other team which has those abbilities options...! For me it is only the question, can we beat the Heat in the playoffs???