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Alan Tolbert asks...
We will go undefeated in the pre-season.

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I believe they will, even though we don't have to. I really don't see any team beating the Knicks that's on there preseason schedule,in addition, I don't think people realize how good the Knick's bench is!
I like what i saw from the vets but the rooks got to be more careful especially after that second quarter...
I think its 50/50 ... With more practice and Stoudemire and Camby possibly returning soon, it's extremely possible.
who cares it preseason, but i wanna see the knicks go undefeated for like 12 games or more in the regular season
i dosent matter
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we dont have to. the goal should be, to be prepared to beat the nets on 1st Nov.
Doesn't matter. We have nothing to prove until the season.
They don't have to. They can't act like this counts as more than what it is, practice. They need to just practice new things. The one's that are trying to make the team...THEY have to act like it's the season. I don't want our top players hurt for no reason. Look at what happened to JRs brother. Now the question is, will they go undefeated in the regular season? Answer: YES!! :) Go Knicks!
we have new player and we don't know their chemistry yet especially with wallace