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saryu asks...
do you want lin back?

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There should be a maybe option. It depends if he fixes his problems and we no longer have Kidd and Prigoni. :)
I wouldn't mind, Lin was good. Why not, u have Lin who will be mentored by ray and Kidd. But we don't need him now
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He's gone, stop thinking about the past and think for the future. I know we have brought back previos Knicks, but for now, no Lin.
Not worth the money.
he is a one hit wonder
Nah.. not worth it -- ask mid season when we see how Lin is adjusting to the league adjusting to him.
He's in the past. I liked his game (minus the turnovers) but for this team he wouldn't fit. We'd have the same problems we had last year with less money to pick up what we did in the offseason. He was more of a scorer, we needed facilitators.
He's fine where he is and you can see from the PG's we have that it was worth the action of the team ownership/management to not fall for the okidoki!!
dont care we dont need him now we got melo,stat jkidd,jr,shump,pablo,camby,thomas,fetlon,wallace,chris,tyson,ronnie,white, and dont forget about novak
Ray is more effective. only 1 turnover and finds guys in the right spot. Lin was prone to turnovers
Hell no he was greedy and played us and is overrated Let him be mediocre in Houston